The Aesthetic Practices of jacqueline karista
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jacqueline karista


The paintings shown here are the result of cooperation with intuitive forces. Whether the impulse comes from the intuitive or the rational side, the inner consciousness of the artist is revealed. There is always an autobiographical aspect. The psychic, mental and physical functions of being interact with the ideas and materials of the art work. I take pleasure from connecting with the materials I am using and allowing them to speak. I take as much direction from the unfolding of a work as I impose upon it. Usually a piece has something to tell me, something it wants to  inform me about. I work with a wide range of materials including oils, acrylics, metal-leafs and powders, marble dust, beeswax, plaster, found objects and personal belongings. My pieces are often time and labour intensive. I engage in a medium to large (body size) format which creates for me the experience of being immersed in a piece as I am working on it. In a sense, the art work "holds" me as I create it. The range of these art pieces matches the breadth of experiences and investigations that hold my interest as a human being.