The Aesthetic Practices of jacqueline karista
photography lensbaby abstract art mixed media paintings vancouver b.c.
enigma* Aiken-Rhett House 5 skin of the rock
MetamorphosisWalls, windows and stairwaysCrystalline Complexity
compass cocoon radiating rock
Shadows of the BridgeRe-VersedBrilliance of Stone
moon in Triumf coming forth depths
The Nature of ScienceLensbabyL'inkage
cube, sphere & city rose chanting dreamscape*
Composing VancouverPoeticTrees, leaves and branches
frozen in time worm moon over snowcapped mountain snowing blossoms
A dressVariations of the Worm MoonBlossom
flowering Gold Road moonshadow
fleursArchived works of ArtSurreal