The Aesthetic Practices of jacqueline karista
photography lensbaby abstract art mixed media paintings vancouver b.c.
enigma* Aiken-Rhett House 5 skin of the rock
MetamorphosisWalls, windows and stairwaysCrystalline Complexity
compass cocoon radiating rock
Shadows of the BridgeRe-VersedBrilliance of Stone
moon in Triumf focus coming forth
The Nature of SciencefusionLensbaby
depths rose chanting dreamscape*
L'inkagePoeticTrees, leaves and branches
worm moon over snowcapped mountain grow snowing blossoms
Variations of the Worm MoonA dressBlossom
moonshadow chersonesean mercurial
Surrealrecent paintingsluminous
Pink Sky flourish
Archived works of ArtTranslating into Abstraction